Monday, October 08, 2007

New neighbours

I'm pleased to say that Lady Elgar, the boat against which we moor at Iver has new owners. Not that I had anything against the previous owner except that he hardly ever used, or even visited, the boat. Lady Elgar is far too nice a boat to be left empty and idle.

Geoff and Laura the new owners will be living aboard and are reportedly getting ready to spruce her up. A good wash will make a world of difference. I'm also pleased that they will be taking her out for a spin soon. Not only good for the boat but also for us, since it will mean that we can moor Herbie against the bank for a couple if weeks and get on with rubbing down and painting the gunwales. Weather permitting of course.

Lady Elgar's original owner Trevor Pavitt has written a book about his exploits with her and his old cruising blog can still be seen here

New owner Geoff also has a blog which you can see here. His photos even give glimpses of Herbie moored against Lady Elgar. There too are pictures of Emblem, the lovely sea going boat he is leaving behind at Chatham.

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