Monday, October 22, 2007

Some you win, some you lose

No, I'm not referring to the sports results last weekend, but to Herbie jobs. We popped out to her on Sunday to try out the new/ prototype steerers seat which Rick had made to fit on the sides of the rear deck. As you can see it fitted well and worked well. (modelled below by Rick).

It clips on in a second, stays put and offers a nice high seating position on either side of the boat. No more sore bums sitting on the narrow top rail.

Flushed with success I then went inside to drain the water heater in case of hard frosts while we're away from the boat. Just a matter of taking out a drain pug, allowing the trapped water to escape and then replacing the plug. Easy. Except I overtightened it and the plug head sheared off. Luckily I had my secret weapon to hand. Rick. Patiently he cut a groove in the broken stub and managed to unscrew it.

The maestro at work.

Now I just need a new plug. It looks like a brass screw will do it if I can get the right size. Looking on the web I find I could buy a new plug , but they're nearly nine quid! Outrageous for a tiny brass screw with a big head and a tiny plastic washer.

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