Friday, June 13, 2008

Clamp fixed - now a test of my nerve

Pete has fixed the weedhatch clamp -what a star he is. It'll now do up one handed which will stop me overtightening. You can see from the picture how my previous force has bent the main beam!

Having the boat operational now means I have a test of nerve. Tomorrow we are lending out the boat for the first time. Only to our daughter Claire and family and only for 36 hours. They can drive OK, and they won't be doing any locks, but its all the other stuff I worry about, like looking after the stern gland, the weedhatch, the engine etc. Kath is more worried about baby Grace falling in the water. She seems to love the boat but she is getting ever more active and likes to explore everything.

They'll be OK I'm sure. They will be going up to Camden, then staying overnight at Paddington, then next day we will meet them at Kensal Green and swap over car and boat.

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