Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seated in splendour

Long standing readers may recall the steerers seat that Rick made for me, and even longer ago, the stool I painted up (see July 2007). Anyway I have just finished repainting the steerers seat to match the stool and here it is.

The photo doesn't do justice to the gloss and colour of the paint, which is Japlac. Amazing stuff.

We will be using the seat next week if all goes according to plan. We'll be going down the canal to Brentford, up the Thames to Weybridge and down the Wey to Godalming. This will be our first time on the big river and we have to have extra safety measures in place especially for the tidal bit where we will have lifejackets and an anchor kindly lent by Geoff on Lady Elgar. We've also bought ouselves a pay-as-you-go broadband dongle for the laptop so we can keep the blog fed with pictures and words about the cruise..

Peter has just returned from a conference trip in the USA and hopes to join us for three days on the Wey, although quite where we will pick him up I can't work out yet. Most of the Wey is open countryside and Peter doesn't drive.

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Adam said...

I don't know how long you're going to be out for, but next Saturday (5 July) is the Guildford Boat Gathering, which might be fun if you're planning to be on the Wey next weekend.