Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wet outdoors, wet indoors, plus green rabbits

Sunday was proof of sod's law. On the way up to Stoke Bruerne, crossing the middle of nowhere, the rain was lashing down sideways. I just had to stand out in it and get very wet while Kath and Pete seemed to find useful things to do in the dry below. Then of course the sun came out as we entered to Blisworth tunnel and as Adam said in his comment to my last post, we got a good soaking as the water poured in down the airshafts.

Although it's over a mile and a half long, I don't find this tunnel calustrophobic as it is pretty wide. Passing boats coming the other way is not difficult and we met three of 'em.

We were glad to get to Bugbrooke after a longish day and on Rick's recommendation we moored up at the Wharf (pub) and had yet another meal out. Food there is a bit more expensive (main course about £12, pud about £6) than the general run but boy is it good! Save up and go.

All we had to do then on Tuesday was to get to Buckby. This bit of canal is really attractive and very neatly maintained, almost posh in parts. This setting is typical.
If you look closely (you'll need to click to enlarge)under what might be the kitchen window there is a board painted in diamonds just like our roof box. Through the bridge was this bit of topiary. Aren't people clever!

There are some very nice 14 day moorings hereabouts which have low banks and would be brilliant for touching up the paint on the gunwales. The canal follows the contours and in one place there is a genuine hairpin bend sending you almost back where you came.

Rick and Marilyn walked down from Buckby to meet us and help us work up the locks to the end of garden moorings at the house of their friend Priscilla. She has kindly let us rest Herbie there till we set off again to go down the Nene. Today we're at home doing jobs, with a little help from Grace seen here washing the car.

Meanwhile, this weekend we're going boating! This time sailing on the Norfolk broads with a gang of friends.


Vallypee said...

As if you haven't been boating enough already ;-) Have fun Neil and co. I'm enjoying your accounts immensely!

Eric said...

Retirement is a tough old life but someones got to do it ;-)