Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Don't scratch my cratch

Here's our new cratch cover, completed yesterday but only just. It took Pete and Glenda all day to attend to the final fitting. A tuck here, a pleat there and so on. Here they are doing their bits ably assisted (well hindered actually) by Scamp.

We're pretty pleased with it and hope that it won't be so vulnerable to lock gate damage as the previous design. The new one is also easier to roll up, and has bigger windows and extra flaps that roll down over the windows for extra privacy and winter insulation. The material is a very close weave heavyweight acrylic fabric. We bought a spare length to cover our top box which we hope to reinstate on Herbie's roof soon.

Added to the benefits, the other upside is that it cost less than half what it would have done had we gone to one of the well known makers who come out to be boat to measure up then go back to the workshop to make it, then come back again to fit it.

Glenda was quite glad to finish so they could leave the area to get away from the spot where she found the dead man last week. Their next job is a tonneau cover for a Morgan car in Uxbridge!We hope to catch up with them on our forthcoming cruise, where they have offered to adjust anything that needs adjusting after the new cover settles in.

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