Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting ready to go

Only just over a fortnight till the start of phase 1 of our 2009 grand tour, and preparations are well in hand. We have maps and charts all over the house and attempts at preliminary schedules. A lot of the effort is planning how we'll get to and from the boat each time we leave her and come home for a few days. No doubt real life will upset our careful planning.

Today I've been sawing logs for the stove, and putting finishing touches to the refurbishment of the old Buckby cans we bought a little while back. Filling in the paint chips and recoating some of the trim has made all the difference. Not bad eh?

A phone message from Glenda tells us our new cratch cover should be finished tomorrow morning, so we'll be driving to the boatyard and then walking two or three miles up the Slough Arm to collect the boat.

Sue on Indigo Dream started her big cruise yesterday, passing the empty Herbie as they left Packet Boat Marina. A pity it wasn't 48 hours later as we would have been there to wave them off. Anyway she writes a mean blog so we'll be following her cruise with interest. I've added a link to them on our favourite blogs list on this page so you can follow them too.

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Vallypee said...

This all sounds so exciting Neil. I can feel the anticipation from here! I love your refurbished canal art jug here. Beautiful!