Sunday, March 22, 2009

Credit crunch threatens developments on the Slough Arm

I've received the latest minutes from the Friends of the Slough Canal (FOTSC). Its a good example of how the current state of the economy is getting in the way of progress in improving the canal. In brief the main items of note are:

The idea of a Thames link through Slough is still alive, and although it has symapthetic support from BW and the Slough Council, the current economic situation means that it is a long way off.

The idea of giving a much needed face lift to Slough basin is still on the cards. BW owns some of the adjacent properties and would like to make the basin "an attractive and safe place". (so say all of us!) However, once again the credit crunch is sited as a hindrance.

The Council cannot this year afford to fund the Slough Canal Festival (September). Unless alternative sponsorship can be found the festival will not go ahead.

Lea school in Slough is considering some kind of docking arrangements on the canal next to the school so that boats such as the Floating Classroom can tie up at the school. Its a lovely idea but
I'm tempted to say the school (and FOTSC) must be having a laugh. The floating classroom, currently moored up at Cowley is a big boat by canal standards. I took its photo this morning. Maybe it could just about get down the Slough Arm but I'm sure after one trip, they'd hesitate to repeat it.


Halfie said...

I passed Cowley Peachey Junction a few days ago almost without realising it. I was very surprised that there was no signpost to Slough: the only indication was that it was another entrance to the High Line Yachting boatyard. We were on a mission, and didn't have time to cruise the arm (a delight for another time), but encouraging more visitors can surely only be a good thing. Something for the FOTSC?

Neil Corbett said...

Yes, strange there is no signpost to Slough. However, until they do something to improve Slough basin, the trip to the end is only something you would do to say you have done it!

Explorers down the arm would do better to turn round at the first or second winding hole. The nicest bits are at the GU end.

Anonymous said...

At least the plans are still alive, if only barely. I didn't realise that BW owned some of the land around the basin - if only they could make something of that. Maybe we could all make a contribution, oh yes, that would be the licence fee :-)
ps. moving on from Packet Boat soon but I still hope that the Slough Arm does get rejuvenated - maybe next year.

Craigus said...

It all sounds a bit depressing when I hear of these exciting projects being shelved until the economy improves. Canals often seem to be the sufferers. I notice that in France as well.