Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dining and culture in Brentford

Even Brentford has its high spots. Yesterday we dined at the Magpie and Crown where they provided some of the tastiest Thai food I can recall. I supposed “dined” is a posh word for eating in the bar of an ordinary boozer, but I’ve eaten less well in many a restaurant. When eating Thai food always start with the soup, it’s the best thing in their cuisine I reckon. The rest of the meal was good too, washed down with a pint of a rather nice ale called 1648. Yum.

Then picking up Simon (well rescuing him from his recycling group meeting) we proceeded 100 yards to the small but packed O’Briens pub where we joined a group of “musicians” around a bar table. There was a bass player, two guitarists, a banjo player, two fiddlers, Simon on balalaika, and me on mandola and small pipes. Goodness knows what it sounded like. I couldn’t really hear myself properly, the pub was so noisy in general. Still it was a lot of fun. In the corner Kath was ensconced with Kevin and Karen from Nb Barnaby who had just come up the Thames from Limehouse along with Jeff (Geoff?) on Nb Roanoak who was one of the fiddlers round the table. Much talk of rivers and canals travelled.

So a night of good food, good beer, live music to join in with and meeting new friends. What more do you need? Thank you Brentford.


bruce-the-boat said...

Herbie, I do hope this works as I am quite new to this. As an ex narrowboater and bagpiper too I thought we may have something in common here. You probably know Val and Koos also living here in Rotterdam on a boat. I am going to be short here just to see if this works, computers are a mystery as yet.

Vallypee said...

Hey Bruce! You've already done it I see. So Neil, no further intros are necessary, hey? Good to hear you had a good evening, and the music flowed as well as the wine ;-)

mumfie said...

Simon didn't need rescuing!

Vallypee said...

Oops, I should have said what's a mandola like to play?