Monday, March 16, 2009

Stainless steel pros and cons

When we replaced the stove recently the only part we didn't have new was the chimney. I thought our old one was a bit ropey so I took it home for a refurb. On investigation I was amazed what good nick it was in, because it seems to be made out of stainless steel and it was sound as a bell. Here it is now I've repainted it.

The problem with the stainless steel though is that its a swine to drill. I had to make a little hole so I could rivet on the leg of the new chimney hat I bought. Using a tungsten drill it took ages, and a broken bit, to drill through the thickness of only about a millimeter.

Tomorrow it goes back on the boat as we take her up the Slough arm to rendezvous with Nb G's Cargo for them to start making a new cratch cover from Wednesday.

We've got a horrendous trojan thingy on our main home computer. I've spent all day trying to fix it. We've got two firewalls, two virus checkers, two spyware checkers and removal tools, and still we're infected. Most of all I'm disappointed that the removal tools can't seem to fix it. I want my money back.


Heather Rowsell said...

Hi Neil,

Looks like a great big smiley face :) :)

(Takey Tezey)

Simon said...

albeit with a slightly military bearing, Heather... ;-)

Heather Rowsell said...

A gentle giant then eh? Ahh, hope other people notice it as they trundle past you...!