Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Summer cruise plans shaping up

I'm feeling somewhat upbeat today. Firstly, my computer is working again -hooray!

Then, our summer cruise of the fens is beginning to look like a reality and we now have a number of preparations in place.

Start date 15 or 16 April
Pause for boat blacking at Cowroast 22-25 April

Pete H then joining as crew to Long Buckby where a friend of Rick's has offered us end of garden moorings for a couple of weeks while we go sailing in Norfolk and then attend Ricks wedding anniversary party

Rick and Marilyn then accompany us down the Nene. Its great knowing we have some crew, we really enjoy travelling with friends.
After that plans get hazier, but it'll be middle levels then Ouse and tributaries.

We have now applied for our gold licence so we can go anywhere and stay as long as we like on the Ouse and Nene. I must next organise temporary membership of GOBA (Great Ouse Boating Assoc), because they have lots of good mooring places for members.

At our boatyard we've officially booked ourselves as away from Mid April to the end of July, so there's a chance we might get some mooring fee remission if they can temporarily let out our berth. If so I hope its to someone nice, as they'll be moored next to Salty and Laura leading up to the birth of baby peanut who is due in July.

And we'll be sporting our new cratch cover which is being made to measure as I write. That'll take over a week. Yesterday we moved the boat up to Cowley for the job and I walked in the sunshine back to the boatyard to get the car. Spring is definately springing on the Slough arm.

Its all a bit exciting really.


Simon said...

I'd never really thought about letting JB know how long I'm away for just in case he wants to use the mooring; I suppose the chances of anyone wanting a short-term mooring are slim, especially in the cruising months... of course we're not to know if a boat is stashed there anyway. ;-)

sounds like a great trip - when the time comes I may well see if I can blag a day or two crewing for you too, even if up the GU...

Vallypee said...

I can feel the excitement coursing through your veins Neil..just like the spring ;-)

It all sounds truly wonderful and I'm more than a bit jealous. We have two spells at the yard, one the week after Easter for Koos's barge and then mine for a week at the beginning of May. Then there's lots of work to do in situ to finish what I started last year...I fear our 'faring' will be limited to short day trips.