Saturday, March 07, 2009

Not just rubbish - shock horror at Osterley lock

Regarding my previous post, its not only rubish that ends up at Osterley lock. We read last night in a local paper that a man's body had been found in the canal beneath this lock early on Tuesday afternoon. This is very close to the time that we passed through there on our way down to Brentford which means that we either misssed the body by a few feet or the unfortunate man by a few minutes before he ended up in the water. Spooky.


Anonymous said...

Hello There, just came across your blog by accident. We were down at Osterley Lock today on our neighbours boat. The volume of rubbisb was quite worrying. I will contact BW on Monday to try to get it cleared.

I do remember seeing your boat, was it at Bulls Bridge this afternoon?

Neil Corbett said...

Yes we stopped at Bull's Bridge for shopping and to take on water. We're back at our moorings on Slough Arm now.

Vallypee said...

How awful, Neil! Am glad for your sake you didn't find it....that would have been very upsetting. These things do happen though. I've lost two friends to the harbour here - boat dwellers and both at this time of year.