Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some pictures

Today we delivered Rick & Marilyn to Peterborough then cam eback here to Thorpe Meadows to awiat our appointment with the Middle Levels. Meanwhile I've repainted the port side gunwales, so the time isn't wasted.

This is all a bit deja vu, as the last time we were here four years ago, we had sunshine all down the Nene and rain across the Middle Levels, and sure enough it's due to rain tomorrow as we enter the fen drains.

This is what I have to resort to post to the blog over the dongle. People sit comfortably indoors while I wait patiently outdoors for the slow signal to post a picture. That's the laptop on the hatch cover at Irthlingborough. It's taking ages, so I'll post just this extra one for now of us in the pub garden at Wadenhoe and keep trying as the days pass by.


Vallypee said...

Well we really appreciate it Neil! Great to hear you're having such a productive time out there anyway ;-)

Simon said...

I like that top one, the contrast between inside & outside at dusk always says a lot.

I take my pics down to 1024x768 before uploading, which would help a little with the speed problem...