Monday, August 17, 2009

Back on line and have we scooped Granny?

No I haven't had swine flu or got fed up with posting. We've been out of reach of broadband, and even electricity, for the last week on our annual pilgimage to the Stretton Hills in Shropshire. Even the mobile phone connectivity is very dodgy there. Anyway, a bit more of that in the next post, but meanwhile can it be that I have spotted a waterways communications first before the redoubtable Andrew Denny of Granny Buttons fame?? It's just the kind of thing Andrew likes to write about. Maybe he already has, because I am not up to date with his writings, but just in case, here it is.

It seems that businesses are beginning to see the potential of using Twitter to inform their customers of offers, and in an advert in this month's Canal Boat magazine I noticed that the New & Used Boat Co have set up a Twitter thingy for customers to see new additions to their boats for sale listings. usedboat .
Personally I have not tried twitting or whatever the verb is and so I don't really know if people would find it useful or not. Maybe Andrew would have something to say about it.


Vallypee said...

Lucky you going to Shropshire. One of my favourite counties in England.

I had a look at the website for new and used boats. I can imagine Twitter would be quite handy for updates on sales and stuff, but have just cancelled my Twitter account. I did nothing with it. It's a bit like sending text messages to the world, and I can't imagine why I as and individual would want to do that. Quite apart from that, I kept getting contacted by people who were frankly quite obscene!

Halfie said...

I don't twitter either, but I've just clicked on the link and can see it's a useful way for them to provide updates on the sales front. Must be easier/quicker than updating their website. Of course, you don't need a Twitter account yourself to see their updates.

Well done for (probably) scooping Andrew!

Halfie said...

Update: Granny tells me that he twittered to the New & Used Boat Co. a month ago! Yes, it's hard to scoop the Blogging Buttons!