Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prep prep, table progress, and a cruise

I'm pleased with trials of my paint prep equipment. Using a sheet of painted steel which has been weathering outside for some months. I tried first the scotchbrite pad on the angle grinder to remove everything back to the bare steel. Then alongside, I used my Wickes random orbit sander to flatten the old paint to see what quality of surface I could obtain.

The scotchbrite pad worked well and showed little sign of wear itself, so should last well. It leaves a smooth finish. I also tried it on an old very rusty box and it ripped off the rust easily.

The sander I really really like. It is smooth, very quiet, has a choice of speeds, and leaves a superb flat finish with no marks whatever. I tried it with 3 grades of paper disc. A coarser one which would be good for flattening undercoat and perhaps the first top coat. Then much finer ones for the prep before the final top coat. Phil Speight reckons the prep for each coat might take as much as three times the time it takes to paint the coat! I wonder how we're going to get everything done in the time we have.

Lastly I even tested out one of the box of 50 tack cloths I bought for about £8. Cheap, but the quality is fine. "Does this man leave nothing to chance?" I hear you ask. In reality it all demonstrates my lack of self confidence in practical matters.

Progress on the cratch table continues. The top is now virtually finished with contrasting trim and chamfered corners to minimise the pain of inevitable contact with people's thighs in a cramped space.

Underneath I have affixed a length of box section aluminium to act as a leg stop, but also to hold lengths of aluminium channel which will slide out to support he table flaps. So far so good.

No further DIY will happen for a week now because we're off tomorrow morning taking Herbie on her final cruise in her blue livery. Destination Paddington for a few days on our own, after a week of deputising for Grace's childminder, who has been on hols. No doubt well take in a few cultural highlights. We've been recommended a visit to St Pancras station which is apparently a sight to behold now that all the refurb for the Eurostar terminal is complete. I'll take the camera and report back.


Bill Rodgers said...

The cratch table is looking good. I appreciate your desire to test an idea before doing the job and finding it isn't going to work.

Ladybird... and butterfly said...

Your boat looks adorable! I will be back to read more about it!


Anonymous said...

I think the table looks great so far! I'm very impressed by your neat hinges and as for the contrasting trim, thighs will surely rejoice in the contact :-)
- Carrie

Vallypee said...

Looking good Neil! The table I mean. Have a good trip to London. I envy you your days away....

Amy said...

Those scotchbrite pads sounds good, can you give more details of them? We will be taking the sides of the Duck back to bare this summer!

cratch table looks excellent!