Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Progress on all fronts

The cratch table is at last beginning to take shape. The table top pieces are cut and the special flap hinges are all now let in. (Yes the side flaps are supposed to be half an inch longer than the middle piece as you will see when the table is installed.) I forgot to time how long it all took, but it was a very long time. I am not the quickest of woodworkers. However I now know a lot more about using wood chisels than I did before I began, and I shed only the teeniest drop of blood in the process.

Best of all though are the unblemished sawn edges on the plywood. I am proud of them. Not even the tiniest breakout of the top veneer on either side! From now on the job can only go downhill.

Changing the subject, tomorrow I go to Uxbridge to order the paint for the big Herbie repaint. No going back on colours now. Yesterday I rang up Craftmaster paints to check if I had got my quantity sums about right and they put me through to Phil Speight to talk it through. He thinks I have it about right and that the colour scheme should look OK and gave some advice on colours for the signwriting.

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Rainman said...

The table top looks splendid neil. I never doubted you.