Sunday, April 11, 2010

Paintfest day 1

End of day 1 and Herbie is looking very scruffy.

We entered the dock with a full crew at 9am
and seemed to take ages to get ourselves sorted out before the useful work began. Then all of a sudden teams of volunteers (well six people), swarmed over the steelwork rubbing, scraping and sanding and the transformation was under way.

There was a poignant moment when Herbie's name dissappeared from her side.

Even before we entered the dock there was drama, because our main water pump chose the previous evening to fail. A quick strip down revealed that water had leaked through the diaphragm and seized the bearings and the motor, so a new pump was required.
So fitting a new one was the after dinner job last night!
Lots more rubbing down for day 2. Stay tuned

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