Thursday, April 29, 2010

Minor problems.

Back to normal. Our reputation as bad weather boaters is safe, as we head off tomorrow to Little Venice it seems we are due for much colder and wetter weather. Ah well.

I can't seem to get rid of the paintbrush yet. I've been repainting the gangplank to match our new colour scheme. This time I remembered to put a layer of sand on the middle coat to give some grip to our feet. The previous glossy paint resulted in Jacob falling into the Wendover Arm three years ago during the canal festival there.

I also have to do something about catches to hold the rear doors open. The previous cabin hooks that did the job left circular paint scratches as they swung loose. I can't face the thought of our lovely new paint being defaced. Standing in front of fixtures and fitting in Wickes, I can see a number of potential ideas - magnetic catches, roller catches etc, but I need to have a detailed look this weekend at the doors themselves to see what might fit. I need something elegant and practical - not always an easy compromise. Any ideas?


************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

Midland Chandlers sell a catch for this job.
Its a brass tube with a rubber mushroomin the end and a gravity opperated catch, this screws on the bulkhead.
On the door is a brass saddle that is held by the catch on the end of the brass tube bit, the rubber mushroom stops it banging.
If you send an email address I will send a photo
ditchcrawler at gmail dot com

Vallypee said...

Sounds like you finished just in time!I am in Helsinki for the weekend (taking advantage of free internet) and it's a bit miserable here, not to mention still looking very wintry.

BigJohn said...

I was thinking of something like this for the door catch. Would like to see Brian's idea too.
What it is to have friends like your painters. Congratulations!
PS are they still friends?
PPS Will they still be friends when (not if) you scratch her?