Sunday, May 02, 2010

Organised chaos at Little Venice

Here we are at the IWA Canalway Cavalcade in the pouring rain. Are we downhearted? No way. We're having a good time despite the weather and the confusing jumble of boats we had to slot into on our arrival. I am green with envy at a lot of the wonderful boats there are here. Just gorgeous, some of them.

Never having been before, we were unsure what to expect. Actually, eventswise, the programme is pretty thin, but it didn't take long to work out that the real purpose is a big gathering of the clans with people catching up with old boating friends and showing off their boats.

Herbie being passed by steam boat President

Yesterday afternoon we had a period of sunshine and Kath and I went off to join a walking tour of the architectural delights of Paddington. Just as we started a text from Simon announced that he and Carrie were in the bar with Sarah and Jim of Chertsey/ Warrior fame. So priorities were swiftly rearranged and we joined them and had a great afternoon, including lots of chat, quite a lot of beer, tea on Tortoise and more tea on Herbie. Sadly our new paint job isn't realy visible as we are sandwiched between two other boats.

Jacob and Grace came to join us for the night, dropped off by Claire. Here Grace poses on Herbie's deck.

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Bill Rodgers said...

Anyone can tell that Grace is camera shy! Quite the cutie!