Thursday, May 06, 2010

No time for boating, were going boating (plus who to vote for)

Herbie takes a rest this weekend while we're off on our annual sailing weekend on the Norfolk B Roads, or should that be Broads? According to the met office it looks as though we'll be cold but not very wet, and we might need a reef or two in the sails to stop us capsizing.

Jacob is joining us for the first time this year. If he lives to tell the tale I'm sure he will find the whole experience an education. Compared with narrowboating, sailing is a lot more scary, sometimes a lot faster, sometimes a lot slower, and on the Broads rivers a lot more congested. Zig zagging in a small sailing boat through a steady stream of big plastic cruisers who have no idea what to do to avoid a collision is er, stimulating to the nervous system.

We seem to enjoy some kind of collision most years. Last year's was probably one of the best as we were rammed amidships by a big cruiser as we turned into Ranworth cut. I'm surprised the hire company accepts our rebooking, even though it wasn't our fault.

I can't wait.

PS vote for who you like as long as it's not the BNP, or UKIP. Historically I vary between Lib and Lab, but these days I'm more Lib. Poor old Nigel Farage has had a plane crash. One report I saw (I am not joking) said he was not too bad, unconscious but still talking!


Anonymous said...

Hmm voting. My choice is between someone who shall we say is economical with the truth, a git, a pratt, a hobgoblin and a UKIP nutter ....

So who would I actually like to vote for? None of the above? I will vote but ahhhhh what a choice.

going off to indigo dream asap

Vallypee said...

Enjoy your weekend. I'm afraid I am now so out of touch with who's who int British politics, I wouldn't know who to vote for even if I could vote now, which I suppose I couldn't after all these years.