Monday, May 31, 2010

Cratch table goes for a fitting

Ah ha, I bet you all thought my folding cratch table would never get finished. Well, I admit I've been lagardly in picking it up again after the paintfest, but I'm back on the case, and to prove it, look at this.

Here is the table in its folded-out-of-the-way position. You see it resting on the floor here because I have yet to attach the hanging hinges to the boat, so in the end it will dangle about an inch higher.

The fancy T shaped piece is the leg, which will hinge at the bottom to a board on the floor (the last remaining unmade piece). To erect the table, the leg is dropped to the floor and the table is brought up and folded out so.

Then the leg is raised and wedged behind the aluminium section you see here. Lastly two further aluminium pieces slide out of the centre one to support the table flaps. The reason they are not shown here is that one of them lies at the bottom of the canal! It slid out and fell in as I was putting the table on the boat. Thankfully I have enough material to make another if I can't retrieve it with a landing net.

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Vallypee said...

Very neat, Neil! Nice work. Shame about your aluminium strip but if it's the only thing you've lost to the water, then you're doing all right!