Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Start 'em young

Grace's first driving lesson!! Well we let her hold the tiller for a few moments today while we took Herbie down to the winding hole and back so as to have her facing the right way. That's all the cruising we'll be doing for a bit.

The old Slough arm was looking well in the sunshine. We saw what seemed like a million fish in the clear water and although the water lillies are beginning to die off the general vegetation is still lush.


TMW said...

Looks like Grace is wearing a Tilley hat!

Llosgi said...

What a beautiful photo at the top

Halfie said...

Neil, we're aiming to be at Thames Lock, Brentford at 1015 tomorrow (Fri) and going up GU. Might even do Slough Arm if have time. In Willow (40' green - distinctive!)

Sorry we missed you at the festival.