Monday, August 13, 2012

Never mind the quality, feel the width

P1060413 (1024x768)

Alright, I haven’t posted much lately, but to prove I need a rest, look at this lot

P1060410 (1024x690)

I decided to spend some more of my ill gotten gains on having my old posts printed by Blog2print.  Now I can see that up until last December I had written the equivalent of 950 A4 pages. That’s not far off Lord of the Rings!  Hey, how about Herbie- The Movie, -  oh no, someone’s already done that as some idiot usually reminds us as we passSad smile

I got the first book (the red one above) done last year and it did cost a lot, so this time I got them in softback and black and white at about a third of the price.  Softback is fine, as the covers are still nice, but if I’m honest the photos are a lot less arresting in monochrome.  The printing quality though is very good and you get  nice contents pages at the front, listing all the post titles.

One improvement this time though was that I had them include the comments from you wonderful readers.  It does bring it to life as a blog rather than just a diary.  And before you ask - No, you can’t have any royalties.

At roughly £25 for a year’s worth of posts I reckon they make a nice way to keep your old posts for posterity.

Later today we’re off back out to Herbie, so you never know I might post something about boats or boating.  This year’s book won’t write itself.


Anonymous said...

I think that your blog books look absolutely beautiful - it's a shame that colour printing is so expensive.

I dread losing our blog - it's my memory - I'd be lost without it!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

p.s. no problem with black and white photos of the jubilee - everything was grey with rain anyway!

Halfie said...

How do links work in the print version?

Vallypee said...

Blurb used to do this too, but the last ones I had made were also Blog2print. They are cheaper, but I think they are fine too. WishI'd thought of including comments too. Great idea!