Saturday, April 26, 2014

Refuge–Herbie retraces steps–plus FREE book

We’re back on Herbie tomorrow for a week so I can hide from the hordes of journalists from Radio 4 and the Times Literary Supplement and the like who will want interviews now my book is published.  Well OK, it’s really that our Peter asked us to give him a week’s holiday from his labours writing Chemistry software. We’re going to do Crick > Norton Junction > back past Crick to Welford> Foxton >Market Harborough and back to Crick.  Yes I know we did much of that last week, but it’s very pretty along there at the moment, even in the drizzle like here when we were following NbElizabeth home.


And of course we’ll be able to revisit the rather wonderful  Bridge 61 pub, seen here with Sarah trying not to demolish it with Chertsey

sarah b61

And for those of you who would like to see the back of Sarah, here’s one more of her ascending the Foxton flight.  Chertsey is looking very smart these days.

chertsey foxton

Now then, I have now sorted out how to make my book free for a short period, so you can get it free from : 

or through the kindle bookstore from sometime tomorrow (not exactly sure when, based on eastern pacific time or some such), for Three days, after which it’ll revert to £1.23.  See yesterday’s post for more details.  Apologies to those few people who have already paid good money. Thank you so much. I hope it was worth it.

We have just noticed that a couple of things which appear as typos in the kindle version do not appear in our original.  A couple of places where words have no spaces between them. It must be something to do with the conversion process, so please forgive anything like that you find. When the dust settles I’ll have a go at correcting it.

If anyone does read it then I would be grateful if you rated it on the amazon / kindle site.  It looks a bit bare without any ratings.


Sarah said...

And succeeding, please note! Lovely turn into the lock that was.
I have asked my Kindle operative to orr your book (Sebastian's Kindle account is linked to my iPad, so we all get to read each other's stuff, but he has to order it. I have a lot of Aristotle and books about tort that I haven't read yet...)

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Neil,
Have downloaded for free Jobs for the Boys on my kindle here in NZ, via the .com amazon (can't buy from here in NZ for some reason).
Trouble is, to read it I'll have to stop reading your blog, and I have just made my way today through 2011 and am in to 2012. Am enjoying it immensely!
Cheers, Marilyn

Vallypee said...

Lovely photos of your trip, Neil! I hope the book goes down a storm for you!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, when will you be in the vicinity of Norton Junction? We're currently near the top of Buckby and passing through Braunston/Calcutt etc this weekend coming...

Hope to see you on the cut :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Halfie said...

I'm trying very hard to download your book, Neil, but computer says "No". Not your fault: it's this stupid, wretched, Windows 8. Although the Kindle reading program seems to be installed I get this message when clicking on "buy" for your book:

"X, we did not find a Kindle device or a reading app that supports this item registered to your Amazon account."

I've also investigated downloading Kindle to my Mac, but it's too old.

Herbie Neil said...


Sorry, we are back up the arm now and won't be around next weekend. Must try to make sure our paths cross later.


Herbie Neil said...

sorry you are having trouble. Let me know if it persists. I may be able to get you a copy by another route.


Halfie said...

Aha! Success! Jan helped me: I had to register the Kindle reading program before it would allow me to "buy" your book. (The Kindle "help" function wasn't much help.)

Now I'll be able to get beyond the first five chapters.