Sunday, April 06, 2014

Weird phone camera canal shots

I’m still having fun with the photosphere shots on my phone.  In theory you can take a full spherical picture, butI haven’t tried one of them yet.  The pictures below are each made up of about six shots merged together.

Here’s one taken at the bottom lock at Whilton.


Ooh that’s a bit distorted, but on the phone it looks straight and I can pan across it.  I have yet to work out if I can do that on the PC.  

See that green plastic bag on the balance beam?  In there are goodies from the farm shop a hundred yards away including a brilliant steak pie. Yum.

Here’s another taken at night at Stoke Bruerne, looking across towards Kathryn’s cottage.  Not a bad place to live eh?


Not entirely successful that photo. The flagpole and the museum building have both suffered discontinuities. However for a phone shot at night, I think it was worth taking.  Certainly atmospheric don’t you think?.

By the way I ought to mention at this point that the Boat pub at Stoke Bruerne, outside which this photo was taken, served us the cheapest pint on our trip. A good fifty or sixty pence cheaper than the next best.  And their beer is good too. 

Here’s one that worked a bit better.  Here we are somewhere on everyone’s unfavourite Buckby flight – a nice enough spot, but oh those locks give you backache.  The ultra wide angle certainly helps with a skyscape.



Changing the subject completely, I now think that my novel is finished.  I’m currently learning the process of what I have to do to publish it on Kindle where I hope you will be able to get it for free for a period (should you be brave or foolish enough to want to read it). For those who don’t have a Kindle, there is a free Kindle app for iPad and Android and also a free kindle reader for PC.  For the small number of readers I expect to get, I shan’t be going to print.  I’ll let you know when it’s ready and let you see the blurb so you can see what it is about.  Hang in there.


KevinTOO said...

I think that Bruce & Sheila nb Sanity Again have experience of Kindle publishing, perhaps they might be able to offer you a few tips?
Photos are amazing BTW :)

Vallypee said...

Neil, any tips I can give about Kindle, just let me know. I've now succeeded in formatting three books for kindle, and there's no time limit on it either. Very much looking forward to reading your novel! The photos, as Kevin says, are magnificent!