Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Greetings from Aynho du Lac, or should I call it Aynho sur Mer.  Either way, there's a hell of a lot of water everywhere.  The Cherwell would pass easily for the Thames in some places .

Here's what used to be Somerton meadow.

The lock bypass weirs are running fast too.  We got stuck against the cill of the one at the top of Allen's lock.  No amount of tiller waggling and rope hauling could pull us sideways and off.  In the end we just drove hard forward into the bushes until we were clear.  Our lovely new blacking is really taking a pasting.

It all looks rather pretty though and we could enjoy it a lot if it wasn't for the fact that we are stuck above Aynho lock with food and coal for only two or three days, and that we are supposed to drive to Cambridge on Saturday.   Maybe some of those Chinooks we keep seeing overhead could drop us UN food parcels and the odd bottle of whisky to keep us going.  We might have to resort to the old tin of corned beef that has been at the back of the cupboard since time began.  There are some tasty looking mallards outside if we get really stuck.

Well, we are where we are and it is what it is.  We just have to wait until all this water moves away and Nell bridge becomes passable.  By all accounts we could be here for a few days. We haven't been right down to Aynho weir but we're told the water is right at the top of the 'red' and that nothing can get under Nell Bridge. Tomorrow should tell us if things are getting better or worse.

This morning we paused en route at Heyford to supply Bones and Maffi with tea and bikkies while enjoying watching Bones refitting a boat window to cure a leak.  She has an interesting technique, which seems to be that of supervising Maffi while he does it.

We could all learn something here. 

When it got to the technical bit though, i.e. screwing the retaining nut on the angle grinder, she took charge like the expert she is.  We know our place.

With hindsight we perhaps ought to have stayed with them at Heyford and admired the full process, then we would be now be stranded near  a railway station  and supplies of coal and water instead of here in the fields at Belchers Bridge, and we would have had some jolly fine company too.


Roger said...

Just above Nells Bridge on Monday. we were heading for the Thames then back to London, the plan was to come onto the river this morning. We had moored up outside the Great Western pub when I looked at the river conditions, with it chucking it down I thought best option was to turn round and get above Nells Bridge. Inches of yellow at 1600 hrs. Next morning told that red completely covered so good choice. Now through Napton flight and Braunston and Buckby flight today.
Best made plans etc. Hope your trip goes well.

Victor Vectis said...

Yes, we know!
Got to Aynho Weir Lock about 1pm tuesday to find 3 boats moored on the lock landing. We made it 4.
The water was about halfway up the red when we arrived. It went up to the top overnight.
Now back to where it was when we arrived.
I can think of less pleasant places to be morooned though.

SAM NB 'Red Wharf'