Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Herbie Awards -Best Gadget winner plus pub grub nominations

Oh how to pick a winner from yesterday's Best Gadget nominations?  In the end I asked myself "Which one would you most regret not having when you needed it?"  That settled it.  I've lived without the steerer's seat for years, The Go- windlass is very good and there would be times when I wished I had it, but the Pond Glove makes such a difference to what can be a horrible job that I wouldn't be without it. so
The Herbie Award for Best Boaters Gadget 
goes to 
The Pond Glove.

And now on to our third award for 2019 - Best Pub Grub, something dear to the hearts of many of us.  I don't think we've eaten out quite so much this year, but a few places spring to mind.

1. What would you like to eat on a scorching hot day?  We sat in the garden outside the Isis Farmhouse (near Iffley lock on the Thames) on just such a day and I chose a salad comprising of lettuce, olives, chunks of watermelon and feta cheese.  I can't remember if it came with some chunky bread, but it might have done.  Anyhow it was a prime example of how simple food can be delicious.  Quite a few people have remarked that they don't like this pub a whole lot because it's gloomy inside, but in the garden by the river that day it was just the ticket.  So that's our first nomination.

2. Also on our Thames trip we wandered into Wallingford in search of a meal.  As I recall, there wasn't much open and we were just looking for something cheap and cheerful.  Having looked at Trip Adviser we found a couple of what looked like expensive places, plus good reports of pub grub at low prices at The Dolphin Pub.  The staff in there were very friendly and we soon felt at home.  They do pies for £7.95 with lovely buttery mashed spuds (and peas?).  I always ask about pies because I dislike those bowls of stew with a puff pastry lid masquerading as pies. No, we were assured these were proper home made pies with shortcrust pastry all round, so all three of us went for it, each having a different variety.  Well I'm pleased to report that they were really very good indeed - nice pastry and lots of filling plus that lovely mash and plenty of gravy.  A bargain.  Good pub, good beer, good food.  Highly recommended.

3. Our third nomination is also food at a Thames pub.  I know Still Rockin' George will approve because he rates it highly.  We ate at the splendidly positioned Nag's Head which sits on an island mid river half way across Abingdon Bridge.  George raves about their fish and chips and they are good.  On our second visit I had a tomahawk pork chop which was huge and well dressed.  I can't remember what Kath and Jacob had, but they were impressed.  A meal there is going to cost you at least double what it would at the Dolphin but you wouldn't feel overcharged for the quality and quantity you get.

So three Thames pubs for a change, but all very different.  Results in my next post, plus some nominations for Away from it All moorings.


Sarah said...

Hooray! You made it to the Isis Farmhouse. Glad to hear they're still doing simple stuff really well.

Carol said...

Dolphin breakfast would get my vote!

Herbie Neil said...

Oooh Dolphin breakfast - haven't had that but I can imagine they'd do a good one.

Carol said...

We've tried the breakfast a few times now ... but we've not yet managed to finish one!