Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Unknown known and off to another unknown?

I could try to quote Donald Rumsfeld here about known unknowns and all that, but I'd only get confused.  Anyway thanks to those who let me know the name (previously unknown by me) of the very nice man we gave the Herbie Special Award to.  It's Frank Jordan - volunteer lockie at Abindgon and as cheery and helpful old feller as you'd wish to meet. So now the unknown is known.

So there's another decade gone, and we're still here, but in all likelihood we'll be somewhere else next summer because we've decided we need a change of scene for Herbie and enquiries are being made at far off marinas to see if they'll put up with us at a price we're prepared to afford.  I won't say where just yet in case it doesn't work out but let's just say that we're hoping to head further north where the beer is cheaper and where the canals offer us fresh experiences.  Our main regret, and it is not a small one,  will be moving away from good friends down the Oxford and missing one or two of our favourite  places like these. 

We must be mad to move away from these places, but there'll be new ones we hope. We'll try and fit some of them in one last time before we go.  Aah well, you can't have everything.  Maybe we'll come back in a year or two.

Talking of beer, as I write I'm only hours away from Dry January (with a one day exception for my birthday).  I have been known to go for Dry February - a smart move as it has less days,  - but after a less than abstemious Christmas I need to get some weight off pronto and give the old liver a rest, so January it is.  I suppose I might have the odd alcohol free beer or cider if I get desperate.

Anyhow, while I still have a glass in my hand, I'll raise it to my lovely readers and wish you all a very Happy and preposterous New Year.



Vallypee said...

Ooh, I shall look forward to seeing where you end up with Herbie, Neil! From what I've seen, the north is lovely too. Happy travels in 2020 and cheers to you too! I've calculated we must have been blogging pals for thirteen years now, so long may our cyber friendship continue into the next decade. All the very best to you and Kath from Koos and me!

Herbie Neil said...

Val, perhaps not quite as far north as you might think. Watch this space. I think you must be my most enduring and loyal reader (I was going to say oldest, but that's certainly not true). I also seem to remember you were my first ever commenter, or certainly nearly so. So many thanks for your continuing friendship and a happy new year to you and Koos too.

nb Bonjour said...

I love your wish for a preposterous New Year! We'll do our best, it sounds fun!