Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Picture Quiz

Well we made it to Christmas Eve, so dear readers I wish you all an enjoyable and safe Christmas.

While we take a break before the envelope containing the name of the Herbie Special Award 2021 winner envelope is opened, how about having a go at this picture quiz.

The pictures are all of mooring spots in cities or towns.  Can you identify them?

1. It doesn't look like a city centre, but it is

2. A less than salubrious spot which you have to share with pigeons

3. Just a couple of minutes after leaving a city centre canal basin

4.  100 yards from a nice old county town centre

5.  Pontoon moorings in a cathedral city

6. A crazy footbridge very near an old town centre

7.  A normally busy spot but strangely quiet when I snapped this

8. Another town basin

9. A town centre basin due for a much needed update

10 Finally a splendid mooring at the heart of a city

I think they're all easy, mainly I suppose because I took the photos. Anyone getting 7 or more must be quite well travelled.


Pip and Mick said...

1 is Oxford.
2 is Brentford.
3 is Coventry but with a question mark?
4 we think is probably Hertford.
5 is Worcester.
6 is Bishop's Stortford
7 is possibly Paddington but it doesn't look right
8 is Market Harborough
9 we're guessing at Slough but we haven't been there so are going by other people's descriptions of the delightful Slough Arm.
10 is Cambrian Wharf at the top of Farmer's Bridge in Birmingham.

Good game, good game.

Pip & Mick
NB Oleanna

Vallypee said...

I'm not even going to try, of course, but I apologise for my late comment here. The photos alone are worth waiting for! Put my tardiness down to the Christmas musical chairs that we had to play to be able to see our family. I hope yours was a happy one, Neil and Kath.