Friday, December 28, 2007

Hire boats

Reader Ann mentions in her comment to my recent Taking Stock post, that as an annual holiday hire boater she feels she may be sneered at by true boaters who despise hire boats. Well Ann, it certainly ain't true here.

We had 8 hire holidays before we ever got a boat and I can truthfully say that the hirers we meet up and down the cut are generally a friendly and competent lot. Of the few pain-in-the-backside boaters we have met in the last two years, they have virtually all been boat owners. So you're welcome to share a lock with Herbie any time.

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Unknown said...

Many thanks for your kind comments - I will look out for your in the Easter Hols, don't yet know where we are going, but I hope for a 2 week break. I am already scouring the booklets for possible boats and routes (to be honest, I've been doing this since we finished our last cruise, but don't tell anyone!!)