Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Taking stock, and the million quid photo card

The end of the year approaches and I look at how we're doing, dear reader. You and me that is.

The stats log tells me I've had 3600 visits to the blog since I accidentally reset the counter, plus about 700 before it was reset plus and an estimated 350 before I started counting. So that's about 4750 visits in 22 months. Wow! Mind you the stats counter also tells me that a goodly proportion of visitors arrive cruelly misdirected by Google, whether they be trainee dentists researching into root canal fillings, or children researching films about clever Volkswagens.

Others arrive via links on other waterways blogs, most notably from Andrew Denny's brilliant Granny Buttons blog which exists largely to alert us all to good waterways related stuff on the web, although you can also marvel at his great night photography skills and empathise with his anguish over occasional mishaps such as his disastrous diesel leak which soaked the internal floor of his boat with the stuff. Top blog.

I started off this blog just to let friends have a look at pics of the boat, but having met a few people who actually claim to be regular readers (some of them total strangers!) I feel motivated to keep going. You of course are free to come and go as you wish. All I can say is I'll try to find interesting stuff to write about rather than just "got up, moved on a bit, stopped, went to bed".

In the coming year I hope to be able to report on the great Herbie roof repaint, trips up the Thames and some of its tributaries, and blissful days in warm sunshine. More pictures too of course. I just got a new 1 Gb XD card for my digital camera so I'll have no excuses not to take pictures. In the early to mid 1980's when I was in charge of a large IT project we bought a load of state of the art microcomputers. We could buy extra memory for them at £1,000 for a megabyte. That would make my XD card cost a million quid!! Actually it cost £17 a couple of weeks ago.

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Unknown said...

Hello and a belated Happy Christmas,
I am one of your regular but unknown (I believe you actually mentioned strange but.....)readers who, as you also suggested, was directed here via Granny Buttons. enjoy all of the Nb blogs I've discovered, even the got up, cruised a bit, mooed type ones. As a wannabe liveaboard they keep me going and I can cruise vicariously (what sort of licence do BW want for that?) so please keep on blogging, even when nothing much happens, because for some of us it is the closest we can get except for our annual fortnight on one of those despised hireboat that true boaters sneer about!!!
Have a Happy New Year and hope to see you around when I am on my hols