Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Most Coveted Boat

Its time to decide upon and announce the Herbie Award for the Most Coveted Boat seen this year. A hard one this.
What do we covet in a nice boat?

Lots of home comforts like microwaves and dishwashers? - NO
Poshness?- NO
Bare bones traditionality? - not really -our boat carries people, not coal.
Fancy paintwork? NO, not if overdone

Smart paintwork -YES _ like grey with black trim best of all.
Comfortable accommodation - YES
A nice sounding engine -YES
Character - YES YES
Good lines - low profile, nice shaped bow

So what have we seen that fits the bill?

Albion Mills - a 47ft(?) tug that moors at Cowroast. I think it has a Gardner engine (chug chug). Grey and black, lovely lines. Living space a bit confined I suppose

The Old Bovine, belonging to our friends Ray and Leon - looks traddy but isn't. Immaculate paintwork. Smart and cosy within.

Saul, a tug style boat built I think by WE Davies. We moored next to her in September. Black and grey, chug chug engine, lovely lines, spacious accommodation (if you don’t mind a double bed squeezed under the big (enough to be a patio) foredeck.

Farnworth - a Liverpool short boat I think. Wide beam. Gaily, but smartly painted. Moored at Rickmansworth. Has had a very 20th century conversion to a liveboard so wouldn't delight a taditionalist. If wanted to live aboard but not move much it would do me.

Sadly, we don't have photos of all of them. If we see them next year I'll rectify that.
And the winner is . . . Saul (in spite of the faux rivets!). If it were for sale, and I could afford it, that's the boat for me.

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