Sunday, December 23, 2007

Honoured guest

Its time for one of the most prestigious of the Herbie Awards, the Best Guest Crew Member.

This years award goes to someone who:

  • Is an avid reader of this blog
  • Endured several days cruising in torrential rain and kept smiling
  • Emptied our 200 gallon water tank by leaving a tap running
  • Retrieved the broken off drain nut screw from our gas heater
  • Cracked our old boat pole
  • Made us a smart new steerers seat
  • Drilled out the broken off screws from the water tank cover
  • Enjoyed a few good pints with us at a few good pubs
  • Generally made us laugh
  • Supplied and sponsored (along with the long suffering Mrs Bunnage) our new Herbie team strip
  • Provided his hosts with tea in bed in the morning

It is of course Mr Rick Bunnage (loud applause) . A smart certificate will be winging its way to Rick in the new year. Meanwhile here are a couple of photographs to complete his embarrassment.

1. Steering us across the Ouse Aqueduct (May)

2. Demonstrating the new steerers seat (October)

3. Helping with the washing up! (is there no end to his talents?) (January)

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