Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Call to Arms

It won't be long before it’s the Slough Canal Festival again. This little festival is aimed at the local community and celebrates the benefits of the canal on their doorstep. "What's that to do with me?", you may ask. Well if you're a boater or interested in waterways, quite a lot.

You see the Slough Arm of the GU is little used and could so easily be lost if not cared for. You know what they say, "Cruise it or lose it". Apart from the 80 odd boats moored at Highline Yachting, many of which never move, hardly any boaters go down there.

This is strange because
  • it's accessible, being just off the GU on the main canal route in or out of London
  • it is of historical interest, apart from the Manchester ship canal it is the the last new British canal ever dug (1880s )
  • it probably has more aquatic wildlife than any other canal or arm

There's a little film about it here

Why don't people go down there? Mainly because it’s a bit difficult i.e. shallow and weedy, and because it doesn't have a finale, i.e. somewhere attractive to stop at the end.

However the journey is well worth it if you like wild flowers, birds, seeing fish, and waving to Herbie.

The festival is small, friendly and free. The samosas are tasty, and the kids get fishing lessons. If you don't have a boat, come anyway, you can get boat rides too.

Come on down. 13/ 14 September.

1 comment:

Simon said...

yes - it's only really 'have to do every canal & lock' type completists who bother. To be honest, I've never been to the top myself... ;-)

I do, however think it's a great little canal from the junction to Mansion Lane (and a bit dull the rest of the way, having cycled it) and that should indeed be promoted.

Won't be around for the festival (again) - triple booked already.