Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Answer revealed and reasons to take your boat to Coventry.

I was a bit surprised not to get a correct answer to the puzzle in the last post as it is from one of Coventry's most iconic works of mid 20th century art.  I thought you might spot it was engraved glass and then work out the rest for yourself.  What in Coventry is world renowned for mid 20th century art?  Why, the cathedral of course – ten minutes walk from the canal basin.

Our picture was a close up of part of one of the Saints and Angels engraved in the Great West Window by artist John Hutton.
IMG_9735 (1024x596)

Looking out through the window you see a part of the ruin of the old cathedral destroyed by incendiary bombs in WWII.  As usual Kath asked me to take close ups as inspiration for her textile work.

IMG_9740 (1024x674)

If you have no other reason to take your boat to Coventry, the cathedral alone is worth the trip.

Add to that the truly superb transport museum (even closer to the basin) and Coventry is a must.

Add to that the chance to stop at the absolutely splendid Greyhound pub at Hawkesbury junction on the way in to Coventry and a visit to this city becomes virtually compulsory.

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Neil, Now its my turn to say "Doh".