Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stories and confessions

You might have noticed that I have revamped the blog and put some new links on the left hand side.  Well I hope you have, because I slaved over them for a few hours last night! Just old posts I thought might be useful for reference.  In an act of bravery I also included confessions about things I did wrong (or didn’t do when I should have).  Just to remind you how useless I sometimes am. Cautionary tales are often more instructive than success stories.


KevinTOO said...

Hi Neil,
Yes I have noticed your revamped page... hard not to really as a regular reader... LOL
One little suggestion, if I may? Could you reduce the total width as it's about 1" too wide for my screen, sorry to be a PITA but part of your right hand column is missing unless I slide the view over to the left.
Apart from that I really do like the clear & crisp layout which is so easy on my tired old eyes.

Adam said...

Hi Neil, I agree with Kevin. Even on my widescreen monitor at home your blog now goes off the side; on the smaller screens at work there's a huge chunk missing! If you go to template, then customise, there's a button to click on to alter the widths. You can change the width of the whole blog, and the individual columns.

Unknown said...

There is something odd going on here. After reading the comments above I am wondering why my small lap top has a perfect picture. (I'm not complaining though).

Halfie said...

Width not a problem for Mac users!

Roger Smith said...

You've changed it, again!

On Saturday I read the blog and used your new links. The blog was a fraction wider than my screen @144%, my usual magnification, now there is background visible both sides and I could almost get away with 172%. Screen size 1920x1080

KevinTOO said...

Hi Again Neil,
Thanks for making the adjustment, apparently just for us PC users, personally I've never been into macs... but each to their own. LOL

Nice to get the full picture once again. Now can you do the same for my old CRT TV which has the same problem with the 'new fangled' digital signal!

Cheers, Kevin

Anonymous said...

Yup - still far too wide here on land with a big ole TV monitor!
Also I don't see yellow on white too well!

KevinTOO said...

@ Suez...
I was making a followup comment (failed attempt at humour too) relating to my oldfashioned TV which no longer shows the full picture since TV went digital.

Sorry I didn't make myself clearer.

Full screen on laptop and desktop PC's now returned to 'normal' when viewing Herbie Blog however. I like to get the full picture :)