Friday, November 25, 2011

Best Village Moorings

Oooh I don’t know.  In reality my shortlist all have their good and bad points.  I have to separate how much I like the village from how good/convenient there moorings are.

My favourite village I think is Shardlow. However I think I should give the award to the place where I would most like to sit out on the bank at the end of the day and watch the world go by, then pop to a handy village shop and perhaps stop off at the the pub on the way back. Also it’s nice if you can hop on a bus to a nearby town or other attraction.  In that case I think the winner of the Herbie Award for best Village Moorings 2011 has to be . . . (camera pans round tense faces of shortlisted contestants) . .


(pronounced Ol-re-wos)

loud cheers!!

IMG_9846 (1024x683)

Alrewas is in Staffordshire on the Trent and Mersey canal. I took the above picture a few yards behind our mooring spot. We had a comfy spot to sit out under a tree, and the village centre was a few minutes walk away.  It is a pretty village with 3 pubs, a general stores and an unusually good butcher, and well worth an evening stroll.  

Regular buses can take you to nearby Lichfield, or like us, you can go and see the National Memorial Arboretum – a fascinating and moving experience.

IMG_9835 (1024x683)

IMG_9825 (1024x683)


Sarah said...

Ah yes, the well known village of Old Walrus.

Halfie said...

We have been through Alrewas only once by boat, and thought it a lovely place.

nb Chance said...

Totally agree, a lovely village to moor up, we have on 3 occasions this year, also has a good butchers!

Vallypee said...

The memorial looks impressive!