Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Plan A , Plan B, Plan C

Already all those daft TV adverts for perfume have changed to ads for summer holidays.  We’re already dreaming of next year’s cruising – assuming there is any water in the canal.  Our main thought at the moment is to head up the Trent and Mersey, perhaps via the Soar, then from the T&M across to Chester to visit a friend, then back via the Shroppie and perhaps Brum.  That sounds pretty good to put it mildly, and there are a number of alternative ways back if any part is off limits.

Meanwhile we’d really like to have a short winter cruise to  Market Harborough, but because of the Foxton restrictions, we can’t get there.  Very frustrating.

Yesterday we strolled into Reading along the Thames and down the Kennet.  Water levels there seem fine and there’s a good current on the Kennet.  As we reached the junction a narrowboat came rocketing out at a rate of knots.  So maybe rivers are the answer next year.  Should have bought a Gold Licence.  If the Northampton flight has any water, we ought to be able to get to the Nene and then the middle levels and the Ouse down to Bedford.  Do the middle levels suffer from drought?  Hmm I think they mightSad smile.
Plan C: Maybe we should fit some wheels on Herbie.


Sarah said...

Being below sea level, the Middle Level doesn't suffer from lack of water - it owes its whole existence to an excess of the stuff. In fact water levels tend to be lower in the winter, when it is assiduously pumped out to avoid flooding, then in the summer, when it is maintained at a higher level for use in irrigation for all the vegetable growing that takes place there.

Vallypee said...

The plans sound good. The planning will be even better and the cruising the best. All my very best for 2012, Neil and Cath.

Anonymous said...

If you go for the Nene you'll be in good company as I think that Caxton and Matilda Rose are heading that way - you'd never be short of a pint or five :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream