Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blow me down

Talking of bad or scary moments, I would think a few boaters might have had them over the last day or two. Blimey, it was windy here last night.  Bins blown over, washing ripped off the line.  I will be surprised if the chinese hat on Herbie’s chimney is still intact.  At times like this I’m quite glad the boat is safely sandwiched between two others in the marina.  No trees to fall on the boat either.  Mind you, Crick marina always seems to have a fair breeze down the middle anyway.  It makes getting in and out of your slot very interesting at times, because as soon as you turn sideways to face the slot the wind pushes you strongly off line.  A bit like trying to turn into Salter’s Lode on the middle levels.  If you’ve done that, you’ll know what I mean.

As to my own worst moment this year (see last post), there’s only one of the three that I still can’t see the funny side of in retrospect, and that’s the glow plug episode.  So that gets my 2011 Worst Moment Award.

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Anonymous said...

It's encouraging that your worst moment came from boat maintenance rather than cruising - after all, you can pay other people to do maintenance...... :-)

Are there any more Herbie's to be awarded? It would be nice to end on something that would put a smile on your face...

Sue, nb Indigo Dream