Friday, December 16, 2011

and the Winner of the Herbie 2011 Special Award is . . .


Who has done something special this year and deserves an award?  Something that other people can admire and be grateful for.  Not just me or Kath but for other lucky boaters. Well, one couple this year (and other years too) have shown extraordinary generosity in treating other people to special boat trips.  Not only do the lucky passengers get special trips, but they also get fed and watered into the bargain.  So the Award this year is for Hospitality.

These are not just any old boat trips, but exciting ones, the BCN Challenge, the SPCC Tideway Cruise, and the Queens Jubilee Flotilla rehearsal to name but three.

Well, it’s easy to guess it now, so without further ado, the Herbie 2011 Special Award goes to . . . . (loud fanfair)

Sue and Richard on Nb Indigo Dream


I’m sure you’ll all agree, a well deserved and popular win.  Tumultuous applause.

Note to Sue and Richard – this award, I am sad to say carries nothing but Kudos and the grateful thanks of me, Kath, and the many other lucky people you have entertained so generously this year.


Andy Tidy said...

A very good choice in my opinion.

Nb Yarwood said...

Hear hear, a great choice and a well deserved accolade for the 'Dreamers'!

Adam said...

As a fellow recipient of their hospitality, it is indeed a great choice.

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

They should also get a medal for being so unfailingly polite when certain people keep inviting themselves along, depleting their coffee stocks, eating far more than they bring, bringing dogs who clutter up the back deck, and then have the cheek to invite themselves to the ID land base as well. Oh hang on, that's me, isn't it? Huge round of applause and grateful thanks to the Dreamers.


Anonymous said...

Oooh stop it, you're making me blush!

We are honoured to receive this Herbie, though it seems a bit naughty to accept an award for doing something that we enjoy so much!

Here's to 2012 and beyond - we look forward to welcoming you all on board again soon....

Sue, Indigo Dream

Unknown said...

An excellent result. Not just hospitality at home, but also coming out to our rescue