Thursday, December 01, 2011

Best Picture–the people’s choice

Well done those who spotted the answer to yesterday's puzzle.  It is indeed the strange, perhaps unique for all I know, lock paddle gear at the lock where the Duke’s Cut meets the Oxford canal.  We were very glad to be there.  Our first narrow canal lock for a couple of years, and so good to be back in the cosy scenery of the canals after the long and sometimes featureless reaches of the Thames.

Now, it has been suggested that readers should vote on my best photo of the year.  I can’t really give myself an award but it would be nice to get some idea of what people like, so here below are a few of my favourites from this year.  If you can be bothered, add your vote for the favourite via the comments at the foot of the post and make my daySmile.

Apart from the first, they all look a lot better if you click on them to see them larger.

1. For some reason I can’t fathom I haver lost the original of this one, so I’m stuck with the size and low res format copied from an earlier blog post.  Never mind, it is dramatic I suppose.  Kath took the picture as I leapt between the lock gates at Atherstone.

2.  Having said above that big reaches of the Thames aren’t my favourite, I immediately contradict myself with the shot looking back towards Canary Wharf and the Dome from downstream

P1040920 (1024x455) (1024x455)

3. A liquid sunset at Napton in April

IMG_9493 (1024x683)

4.  An idyllic overnight mooring on the Coventry Canal

P1050397 (1024x768)

5.  I took 20 shots to get this moment.  NB Leo battles the waves near tower bridge.  I was standing on the front of Indigo Dream and got a bit splashed myself!

IMG_0439 (1024x683)

6. Braunston Church in the evening.

IMG_9641 (1024x456)

You may have noticed that I have been doing quite a few wide screen crops recently. Blame my new computer monitor which has a wide screen format.  It has seduced me into these.  Do they give a problem on a normal screen if you click them up large?

It’s the people’s choice-over to you.  You could instead nominate any picture from the Herbie Blog this year.  The ones above are just ones I am pleased with.


Anonymous said...

More impossible choices - my favourite view is the big one of the Thames but for drama you can't beat nb Leo.

But then again I do love plant photos so I'll vote for number 4 on the coventry canal - boat framed by flowers.

You do know that if you did a phone vote as per reality tv shows you could make a fortune! I'd have to vote at least once for all three photos!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Graham said...

Difficult choice but NB Leo is a one off so it must be No.5. With No. 4 as runner-up

Ross said...

For me it has to be the one on the Coventry canal, surrounded by flowers.


Nb Yarwood said...

The one on the Coventry canal. I love them all but that one wins my vote.

Adam said...

The Thames, the O2 and the tiny narrowboat for me.

Rick said...

It has to be NB Leo.

I also like the photo of The Greyhound at Hawkesbury Junction. (29 th June) The composition is a bit old hat, but I really want to visit that pub

Rick said...

Or how about the one from 4 th September?

Halfie said...

This is really difficult. They're all good! Are those the real colours in the Braunston photo? I'm torn between Kath's fabulous action photo at the top and your equally dramatic pic of the submerged bow. OK - I'm going for the latter. Leo on the Thames.

JR said...

Nb Leo!

Anonymous said...

Agh! the Leo pic! Makes strange things happen in my stomach. But I think I like the lock leap best of all.

Matthew said...

One vote for number 4 from me. Though you should have allowed preference voting ;-)

Bill Rodgers said...

I like number 5 the best, but for a very personal reason. When I was a kid we had a flat board, sailboat. One day a very strong wind was trying to drive her nose,underwater. Looking at that picture I can hear my dad yelling, "Dive! Dive! Dive!" and my brothers and I laughing beyond control. Thanks for triggering a happy memory.

Roger Smith said...

The wide Thames one almost does it for me, just needs a highlight where is that shaft of sunlight when you need it.

The winner for me has to be the one of Ivy diving through the wave.

Anonymous said...

They are all brilliant photos in their own way,but it has to be number five for sheer timing and drama. Rainman

Ali and John (NB Triskaideka) said...

Its hard as they are all really good and different, but 4 followed by 5!