Wednesday, June 24, 2015

the waiting game

Being in a two hour queue at the top of Watford locks would be more pleasant if it wasn't right under the M1. Oh well, it gave us time to prepare and eat lunch and for me to write this little blog post. Actually we can't complain, we have to do these locks quite regularly and it is pretty rare for us to have to wait for more than half an hour. Of course today there are not only the hire boats and the regular traffic, but also boats going down towards the Braunston rally as we are. Working boats with buttys naturally take a bit longer in the staircase too.

It's lovely to be out at last though. We have done a lot less cruising this year than normal, although we hope to rectify that from now on. After the historic boat rally were off to Hillmorton to have our new composting loo installed and then we are heading off towards the Ashby canal, which is somewhere we have never been. Any tips on good stopping places and pubs on the Ashby would be welcome.


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Anonymous said...

We haven't been on the Ashby either, but it is on our wish list - looking forward to your cruising posts.

What a north/south divide - up on the Rochdale, and now the Calder and Hebble, we've cruised for days without seeing another boat on the move (and very few moored up!) - we'll be in for a shock when we come back to the GU :-)

Hope you're both well :-)

Sue & the Indigodreamers