Sunday, June 07, 2015

Watching paint dry

It's a hard life. I'm sitting here at Crick watching the passing boats while fresh paint dies on Herbie's well deck floor and undercoat dries on bits of the roof. Everything is now too hot to paint any more, so I'll just have to endure the inconvenience and sit on our beloved grassy knoll until it cools down.

Not that I have been idle. I've been doing a fair bit of DIM (why should I call it DIY when I am Doing It Myself?) Yesterday I acidentally dismantled half of the bathroom just so I could tap off a couple of wires to run to the new toilet fan when we get it. When I say accidentally, I mean I didn't start of planning to dismantle so much, but you know how it is, you find you can't take off one bit untill you've taken off three other bits first. All the cables are hidden behind the wooden trim and it seems that loads of bits and prices of trim were added after the wiring was done so a whole host of bits have to be dismantled to get at the cabling. It's all back in place now. I made such a mess in the bathroom that I ended up washing and polishing the floor and while I was at it did the rest of the boat's floor too. My, my, we are clean.

The job over the next couple of days is to complete a repaint of a six inch wide strip along the port edge of the roof. The paint has suffered where the gangplank and pole lie and the feet of the roof box sit. Painting a whole strip rather than patches looks much better.

None of this was planned. Earlier in the week we hastily grabbed our bags to take advantage of a window in our schedule and headed up to Herbie. Once that awful wind subsided overnight, we went out for an extremely pleasant cruise along the Leicester arm, which is looking at its very best right now with the blossom in the hedges. The sun was actually warm, the skies were blue and we had a spiffing time. On getting back to Crick next day I looked up to see what boat was making that lovely chugging noise, and who should be coming past but Tyseley. Yes, the Mikron Theatre boat. "Where are you off to?" I cried. "Crick, the Moorings, half past seven tonight." came the reply. So of course we went along at the appointed hour and enjoyed their play about Fish and Chips, a good one, catch it if you can. The only problem was that it did engender a craving for the said foodstuff, but we had already eaten, so I had to suffer.

Kath has now gone home to fulfill baby sitting duties and so here I am on my tod taking advantage of the good weather to get jobs done. Except it's too hot.


I would post some photos but the internet signal is so rotten that I fear they would never make it. I'll save them for later.


Toodle pip.




Kath is at home on baby sitting duties while I'm doing all this.


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