Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Best Visitor Mooring Quiz answers and winner

Did you spot my deliberate (not really) mistake in the last post.  There were two pictures bearing the number 3.  Ah well it juts shows I am not perfect.  The answers to the photo quiz are as follows.

Picture 1.  The Leicester arm just 150 yards or so north of Norton Junction.  Nice and quiet and leafy but only a short walk from the junction and the New Inn.

Picture 2. An old favourite mooring only two minutes walk from the one above but quite different in outlook it is just yards from Norton junction in the direction of Braunston.  A very popular spot because of the views I suppose.

First Picture 3.  If you can't find space at 1. or 2. just descend through Buckby top lock, cruise half a minute round the bend and there you are.  Its a great spot, and if you fancy an ice cream or a Buckby can, the little canal shop is in a cottage just half a minute away.

Second Picture 3. (sorry) We make the sudden leap to the Ashby canal and the moorings at Stoke Golding.  At the end of these moorings are a couple of picnic tables.  There is access to the road and the village is a couple of minutes walk away over the style.  Stoke Golding has three pubs and an Indian restaurant, so you won't go hungry or thirsty.  Unusually for visitor moorings, these are on the off side.

Picture 4. That muddy scene is below the Admiral Nelson at Braunston.  A nice place to tie up if you want to be out of the hustle and bustle of Braunston itself, but only a short walkover the bridge and across the fields to the village.  And of course you have the Admiral nearby. We use this mooring during the Braunston rally when the main moorings are choc a bloc with historic boats.

Picture 5.  You might recognise this from the swing bridge.  It's Winkwell, near the Three(?) Horseshoes pub.  The village is only short walk away.

Picture 6. This shows the visitor moorings at Berkhamsted, just outside Waitrose.  A very popular resting spot. The main street of the town is a minute's walk a way.

Picture 7.  Here we are in lovely rural surroundings below the village of Grafton Regis not far below Stoke Bruerne on the GU.  Hard to believe this tiny village was Henry VIIIs summer HQ for a number of years.

Picture 8.   This shows the view across the canal from our mooring at Great Linford on the edge of Milton Keynes.  We would have preferred to be on the visitor mooring on the other bank but a wide beam boat was there and definitely overstaying.  Grrrr.   Even so it was nice where we were.  Five minutes stroll to the shop further along the canal, and a short bus ride into central Milton Keynes where, amongst other things, they have a great street market.

Picture 9.  Unmistakable to those who know it.  Rembrandt Gardens at Little Venice.  The only place in London where you can book a visitor mooring.  They need more!

How many did you spot?

All these moorings are worth aiming for. If i was at any of them right now, I would be a happy bunny.  nevertheless we can only pick one, so our favourite this year for the

Herbie Award for Best Visitor Mooring
has to be
Rembrandt Gardens

because if you manage to book it, you can head into Little Venice knowing that you will have a prime spot with great views and all in the centre of London.

Next time I will announce our best Pint of Beer near the canal.  We had one that was so good that I can't even bring myself to build a shortlist around it!  I knew when I tasted it that it was the winner.  What will it be?  Tune in next time to find out.

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