Sunday, August 02, 2020

Croc spotted on North Oxford Canal

How's that for click bait?  Apologies, but I have to get someone to read this stuff somehow.

Want to see my pudding tonight?

Well I did drink the Pimms first, then ate the fruit with some yoghurt and granola,  Waste not want not.

  As you can see, it's a tough life here on the North Oxford as Kath is demonstrating here.

Today we had to do three whole locks.  They're coming thick and fast, there's another one in 22 miles or there would be if we were going that far..  My phone says we're at some place called Cathiron tonight  I can see Kath but sadly we don't have an iron.

I did my first live supermarket shop since lockdown today.  The big Tesco at Rugby.  I have to say it was pretty quiet and I don't think I caught the lergy so you can sit close to your screen reading this.

Another nice sky tonight, they seem to specialise in them up here.

Tomorrow we turn round at Stretton Stop then head back.  Then we reap the benefit of being old because we can't remember what it was like coming up, so it'll all be fresh.

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