Saturday, August 01, 2020

North Oxford Canal

When the sun is in and the landscape is ordinary, there's always the sky to make a picture a bit more interesting. That's my excuse anyway.
Here we are half a mile south of Hillmorton at the end of day 1 of our 5 day  outing.  The canal is about as busy as it ever gets I should think.  Now I'm no speed merchant but when we get behind someone dribbling along at half a mile an hour I have a job controlling my patience.  I don't think I'm being unreasonable do you? Herbie doesn't like it either, her old BMC engine is a bit choppy at tickover speed. Luckily when that happened today, the guy in question got in a right tizwaz over some canoeists and pulled over in a panic, so I nipped gently past. wearing a benign smile. 

Lots of choice mooring spots were occupied by mid afternoon, but thankfully out here there are plenty to spare and amazingly I've got a strong 4G phone signal, so I'm able to delight you with my deathless prose whether you actually like it or not.

See these those black plastic hay rolls in the field beyond?  I used to tell our kids they had just been delivered for the farmer to roll out like turf for next years crop.  They'll get me back someday I dare say.  I think they still think that people in canoes are called canoodlers.

I can't remember when we last came up here.  Five years ago I think. The North Oxford has a totally different character from the South Oxford and it makes a refreshing  change. The bridges for a start are much wider and in general the canal is wider too and in some places it's alarmingly straight.  I've heard it said that the canal builders began to get short of money when they got towards the southern end so I expect that's it.  It's less cosy perhaps  than the south maybe but no less inviting. and of course it has two prisons to add a bit of spice although quite why you need two prisons next door to each other I have no idea.  

Arriving at Wigrams Turn yesterday evening, we dashed over to the Folly (by car) for a swift pinta and a bite to eat.  I'm pleased to report that the big garden was busy as usual even if we were getting scattered showers.  Folly customers are a determined lot.  

Tomorrow we continue northwards to somewhere or other.  Maybe Newbold. Maybe All Oaks Corner.  Who knows?  We don't.

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Carol said...

Good to see you both out and about. BTW great photo! xx