Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cratch table in 3-D

I'm itching to get started on making the new cratch table, but I know I musn't until I have returned to Herbie to do a final accurate measure up. This I plan to do on Thursday.

Meanwhile I have not been idle. Firstly, I have been sourcing and costing all the bits I need. The good news is that I can find all the special hinges and stuff locally. The bad news is that it won't be a cheap table when you add it all up. My associates have been encouraging me to look long term and buy top quality parts and I take their point. So I reckon at least £65 (not counting all my travel costs!) in total if I buy good quality hinges, wood and varnish.

Secondly I have been producing these great 3-D drawings using Google Sketchup, which is a free download.

It is surprisingly easy once you get the hang. Once you have the drawing done you can move in and out at any angle. Very handy for a job like this.

Later I'm going to attempt some 3-D people to sit them at the table.

Sometime back I did a fairly thorough measure up of most of the boat's internal and external dimensions and produced a set of drawings which have proved invaluable. Im tempted now to do the whole thing in 3-D.


Anonymous said...

Hi Neil

That looks very impressive.

I am waiting to see the upload of the cratch table to google earth ...


jonali said...

Hi Im following the evolution of the cratch table with interest and the 3D version is great. Can we use the design too or will you be asking for a copyright fee:-}
Ali Nb Tormentil