Friday, January 08, 2010

Frozen in but not frozen up.

Boats huddle up together to keep warm at High Line Yachting. Well at least that's what this telephoto shot makes it look like. Herbie is in there somewhere. I managed to get a car out from home today with the use of a shovel, and made the journey out to check on Herbie's batteries and plumbing. Actually the snow at Iver is nowhere near as deep as it is here in Bracknell.

Those who know Herbie's mooring can see from this shot, how much closer we are to the boatyard building since we moved up to Humbug.

No I didn't cross the canal on the ice to take the picture, although I was tempted. I used the bridge.

Fellow battery watchers (I know you're out there) might care to know that since 14 December, the batteries have dropped from 100% to 82% through self discharge. I got them back up to 98% today usng the mains charger.

Was Herbie frozen in? Yes. I don't think the rudder will move.

Was Herbie frozen up? No.

A bottle of water on the galley floor was still liquid, and I did a thorough inspection of the plumbing and all seems ok. Inside the cabin the mid day temperature was 1.5 degrees C, but I suspect it doesn't vary a great deal from day to night because the boat is pretty well insulated. Although the boat was cold, it felt dry and there was no condensation in the windows.

So now I feel a lot more relaxed about the big freeze.


Vallypee said...

The boats look so pretty and colourful against the snow. I see there are a few liveaboards there too, not only Saltysplash and family. The smoke rising from their chimneys shows even more clearly against the clear skies.

Anonymous said...

"Batterywatch" surely has to catch on - the BBC should make a series (as per Sprintwatch...).

Sounds as if your batteries are doing well - we're checking ours later on today.

Sue, Indigo Dream