Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Busy going nowhere

Kath has gone home to support Claire while Joe is back in hospital, having got worse again when he came home last weekend. Further tests have found the cause of his nasty pains and he should be ok in a week or two. I'll spare you the anatomical details, but it is a nasty inflammation in his digestive system and has apparently been building up for a long while. He comes home today and has some special medicine that should do the trick over time.

Meanwhile I wait here at Cowroast, doing DIY jobs aboard. Kath has just rung to say she is returning to Herbie tomorrow.

Internet dongle modem signals have been very poor, hence the lack of posts until now.
Since Milton Keynes we have travelled only a few miles each day, spending two days at Marsworth where I completed the shading on the starboard side signwriting. More on that in a separate post. Until today, the weather has been glorious and the countryside around the canal quite at its best. Here are a few photos to give you a flavour.

First Startops reservoir at Marsworth at sunset

and next morning

Herbie ascends the gently winding Marsworth flight, a favourite of ours

and then some welcome shade in the lush Tring cutting

and because I have a reputation to keep up, a pub. The Globe at Old Linslade, taken from the boat window where we moored overnight a few days ago.


Llosgi said...

Nice pics that show me what lies ahead - I'm looking forwards to that part of the GU, once I've finished being distracted sideways at Braunston, that is.
I'm glad Kath will be back with you and Herbie very soon. Here's wishing Joe a speedy return to good health x

Simon said...

Yup, great news that Joe will be on the mend soon.

I'm quietly amused that you're now managing the gentle quiet time on the canal I was planning. We're heading up to Cosgrove on Saturday...

Vallypee said...

Beautiful flowers on the pub walls. What charming scenery you have gone through!