Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Other people's blogs

Some good stuff out there at the moment, the best being Saltysplash's part 1 account of his Ostende trip. On the canal we don't usually get to shout "We're going under!" Follow the link on my favourite blogs list to the right. You won't regret it.

Also I'm inspired by Amy's signwriting effort on Lucky Duck. Simple, but done without all the trickery I use. Now I'm up for doing my GRAND ONION CANAL strapline on Herbie in similar fashion. Painting is fun once you get to the decorative bits. I might do a traditional heart design on the rear hatch cover and something on the gas locker lid at the front. I'm also thinking about a design to paint on the white flashes on the sides of Herbie's bow. I think they're more properly called fore top bends, or they wood be if Herbie was made of would. (Just did that to catch you out).

I'm worried about Simon (Tortoise). When you wind him up he can be pretty garrulous, but his latest blog posting is unbelievably terse. I think he has started talking to himself!


Simon said...

nail on the head - I _am_ talking to myself! Not much time for anything other than work and the occasional boat stint (hence long days). The blog is very much for me, if I get a chance to write a bit more and other people read it, great, but I also want to write down when I've changed filters, and how I fixed stuff... ;-)

saltysplash said...

After re reading my blog im reminded why we settled for a Canal boat.
Amy ran very well to and from bulls bridge. The only item of note being a length of rope picked up just as we moored at tesco